The Sightjacker is a program used to catch aimbotters. The program sets the camera to the “first person view” of another player. This means that you can see how another player is aiming! So you can see when the person you are sigthjacking suddenly snaps to the head of another player. This snapping is caused by the aimbot of course. Currently works with version 1.04, 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09.

SightJacker for Windows

Version Changer

Allows you to play on different halo versions (1.0x) with the same executable. Usefull for playing on 1.09 with the 1.07 or 1.08 exe’s. Then you can use the old tools and programs made for older versions but still play on the newest servers. Works both for CE and PC. HaloCE users must always add the CE postfix when changing versions (more info here)!!

Overwrite the original strings.dll with the new one. When halo started it should display “Made by Goemitar aka Omega”. If so, you can now use the “version” command.

Download here.
Halo PC and CE 1.07 exe’s
Halo PC and CE 1.08 exe’s
More info and detailed instructions here (READ THIS BEFORE USING).


HaloPC 1.04 Dedicated Server HaloBoom patch
Protects the server against haloboom attacks.

HaloPC 1.04 Client HaloBoom patch
Protects the client against haloboom attacks (if the client is hosing a “0 ping” server).

Halo Trail: Enabled Console
Enables the console on the halo trail version


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