September 6, 2008

iMega update

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Let’s start with some background first. A few days ago I got my new laptop. I’m configuring it, moving files around, installing linux, etc etc. And that’s going to take a while to set up properly. So it’s slowing things a bit down at the moment. But the big advantage is that I can now program on my own computer instead of having to do everything on the computer of my brother.

Anyway you probably want to know how iMega is doing. Let’s start with the things that are working right now:

  • Everything is controlled by rcon and/or console commands. People who used rcon before only need to learn what the new commands do in order to use iMega. And it’s easy to install.
  • Works for both HaloPC and HaloCE. However it is designed for halopc so haloce support is limited at the moment.
  • Admins are automaticly recognised by thier cd key hash. Only the players that are added to the admin list can control the server. When executing a command they also need to enter thier password. Every admin has a personal password. Admins also have a “level” between 0 and 10. A level 0 admin can execute any command. This way you can make people real admins (can change server name, maxplayers) and moderators (can’t change name etc but are allowed to kick and ban).
  • It has mapvote. Once the scores are showed, it will send a message to all users that they can vote for the next map. It will send the mapoptions and the users can vote by typing “vote x” in chat (x being the vote option number). Players can only force a mapvote. They can type rockthevote or rtv in chat. Once enough people request a mapvote this way, the server will show the PCR (scores) and players can vote. There are several commands to control mapvote settings.
  • You can control the version of the server. This is similar to the version changer for the client. It is also possible to let any version connect to the server! However, the server will only be listed in a specific version of the client. Other versions will have to use direct ip to join the server.
  • Logger: it creates a logfile. Things that are logged are rcon and console commands, chat message and other important events. This logger of iMega is not “as powerfull” as the default logger of haloCE: currently haloce logs more information (I think at least).

And these are the things that still need to be done:

  • Player Control: Finish votekick and voteban commands. Include option to autokick afk playuers.
  • Include a “FunMod” module: allow users to execute devmode commands. Maybe program some more special commands to allow players to mess around some more. The most important part is designing something so this cannot be abused during matches. I’m currently thinking about a decent solution. But if that takes too long this will not be included in the first version.
  • Make something so the server can send “broadcast messages”. These are messages that are send every 1-5 minutes (clan website link, rules, etc).
  • Let the logger log more events.

Once this is finished the first version of iMega is finished.

On another note, I’m finally able to remove the safedisc v2.7 protection. I did this on halo 1.07. It was a good challenge ;). Using the cracked 1.07 with the version changer and Yelo battery for widescreen support is awesome. But that isn’t the best solution. I prefer to use the latest and updated 1.08 executable. If only those programs would be open source, then we could just change them ourself! I think the halo community should work togheter more. I have an idea for this. Maybe a big idea that is unlikely to succeed, but I might try it anyway… more on this soon.


August 13, 2008

Future of iMega

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It’s been a long time since there was an update on imega. And it’s been under development even longer. Time to clear things up.

Some of you may think that this project will never be finished. After all, I’m working on it for how long already? Two years? It depends what you call working. In that time I was mainly learning and exploring. But now it’s getting a bit more serious. The solution I have now will be very stable compared to the early designs. And it will be a lot easier to install. In the near future it might even be possible that users can make plug-ins for it.

But let’s talk about what is already done. The project is now under version control with bug tracking and all the fancy tools. Everything is now better organised. Hopefully this will result in a better program and faster release. So far the “core” of imega is almost finished. It works for Halo PC 104-108 and Halo CE 1.08 (other versions could work too, but have not been tested). I’m currently working on the admin module. After that the logger needs to be made. Then the core is almost finished. Once that is done, the map vote module will be made. And then it’s release time.

I’ll keep you updated when these sub tasks are finished.

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