October 6, 2009


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Gandanur is the name of the server tool that I’m making. Some may be familiar with the old name: imega.

It was planned that today a selected number of servers would be running a beta version. However I have stumbled on a problem that slowed things down. So I have a new plan. Within a few days I will announce the servers that are running the beta version, however these servers won’t include all functionality until the problem is fixed.

Once I have finished Gandanur the servers will be updated with full functionality. It will then undergo testing and all bugs will be fixed. Once I consider the program to be stable enough it will be released to the public. I also still need to write a user guide for all the new commands. But to make sure you don’t have to wait such an awfully long time you’ll soon be able to play on servers that run the beta version!

The long wait is coming to an end.


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